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Commentary - Journal of Clinical Research and Pharmacy (2021) Volume 4, Issue 5

Clinical Trials Information for Patients and Caregivers

Clinical trials are clinical research studies or observations. Such prospective biomedical or behavioural research studies on humans are designed to answer specific questions about biomedical or behavioural interventions, including new treatments (such as novel vaccines, drugs, dietary choices, dietary supplements, and medical devices) as well as well-known interventions that merit further study and comparison. Data on dosage, safety, and efficacy comes from clinical trials. They are only carried out after receiving authorisation from a health authority or an ethical council in the nation where the therapy is being sought. These authorities are in charge of assessing the trial's risk/benefit ratio; their approval does not imply that the therapy is "safe" or "effective," but only that it can be done. [1]

Author(s): Yang Lie

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