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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 24, Issue 3

Cholelithiasis in Cystic Fibrosis Patients in a Tertiary Care Center in Saudi Arabia.

Introduction: Cholelithiasis has been reported in 12% to 24% of Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and is usually made up of cholesterol gallstones. These abnormalities are frequently asymptomatic and can include the intra and extra-hepatic ducts, gallbladder thickening and contraction, micro-gallbladders and cholelithiasis. Abdominal sonography is routinely used in order to detect these abnormalities.

Objectives: To obtain the prevalence of gall stones (Cholelithasis) in CF patients and its relation to other clinical, laboratory, radiological, and Genetic data.

Methodology: A retrospective chart review as part of the CF registry data from the period 1st January 1984-1st June 2018. All confirmed CF the patients of all age groups that have US study done were included in the study. Patients with positive gallstones or sludge were evaluated and discussed.

Results: A total of 391 confirmed CF patients were involved, out of them 252 patients had an abdominal ultrasound. 7 patients (3%) had gallstones on abdominal US, 8 patients (3%) were revealed to have sludge and 237 patients (94%) had normal gallbladders. Pancreatitis was found in 4 patients (2%). 191 patients (76%) had pancreatic insufficiency. 77 patients had follow up abdominal ultrasounds and 5 patients (7%) were found to have persistent gallstones, 4 patients (5%) had persistent sludge and 68 patients (88%) remained negative for gallstones. 2 patients required cholecystectomy. Conclusion: Cholelithiasis is a common complication of CF disease; its incidence is more than the general population. Thus, we recommend that every CF patient get an ultrasonography study as part of liver disease screening to rule out any Gallbladder pathology.

Limitations: Our CF patients reflected approximately 80% of the CF population in KSA.

Author(s): Hanaa Banjar*, Lama Al-Ghuneim, Anfal Al-Shammari, Fahad Abdullah Al-Mulhim, Maha Al-Eid

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