Journal of Invasive and Non-Invasive Cardiology

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Short Article - Journal of Invasive and Non-Invasive Cardiology (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

Cardiology World 2018:- Health for all through wisdom - gain the optimal health while reversing the pandemic of noncommunicable diseases, particularly the cardiovascular illnesses - Suresh Vatsyayann, Netherlands

 Background: For us, energy comes from the Sun that is entrapped and used by the plants, We acquire this solar fuel from food and burn it to live. The food includes the plants and, or the animals. Development via evolution and mutations has made our bodies get complex to gain efficiency, resilience and adaptations, albeit its developmental limits of the process and time. Complexity is aimed at efficiently interacting with its hostile, and yet the friendly environment. Evidence indicates that no one can have supremacy without damage to the other. The most optimal health and happiness come from symbiotic harmonious relationships only. Further, humans have to utilise the capabilities of their bodies as they were meant to be. Problem: The pandemic of non-communicable diseases (NCD) like the cardio-vascular diseases (CVD), obesity and Diabetes Mellitus 2 (DM2), is on a path of a never-ending journey. For the communities to take an effective charge of the situation, it becomes a prerequisite for the public to understand the broad pathogenesis of these well-established health issues. Only then the individuals and the collective could take scientific, prudent and necessary action to gain optimal health and reverse the pandemic of NCD. The issue is how best to convey this wisdom to the general public effectively. Methods: Sharing wisdom to bring about lifestyle change through common sense, common person language and a two-way honest and repetitive communication. Health through wisdom includes; a dialogue about the universal energy transfers, cell function, environment, interrelationships, the evolution of knowledge and of life, progress and tradeoffs. Reviewing and sharing basics of anatomy and physiology while explaining the genesis of life function as it stands today and pathogenesis of common body dysfunction (NCD). To facilitate understanding of homoeostasis, self-correcting, self-preserving and the adjustment mechanisms via the evolutionary processes. Results: Evidence indicates that it took no less than five days for the body to get out of its conservative mode. It takes around fifteen days to get established in the new but well established evolutionary mode. 50% of the subjects follow the acquired wisdom to the core when appropriate, and is delivered through a motivational information-sharing. 25% follow it partly. 80% of those who have the significant non-communicable illness are more likely to follow the program. They show the best results. 75% insulin dependent Type II Diabetes Mellitus patients got off insulin, most within the first 5-15 days, and have the best-sustained average blood sugar control followed for over a year. Half of those patients now do not take any medication. All Patients with CVD symptoms have ridden themselves of their symptoms, while have been, and they are experiencing, increasing exercise capacity. Over 90% of these patients have no dyslipidemia within the first three months of following the advice. Most patients reported definite eyesight improvement. On an average, the six month sustained weight loss has been around 15-25% depending upon the initial overweight/obesity. Conclusion: Understanding life, living, energy transfer and the purpose of the living body parts and the body, puts people in a better position to tackle their multifaceted problems of NCD related ill health. Know the body to harmonize with it, thereby help produce simple strategies to attain the most optimal health and reduce physical, developmental, emotional, psychological, financial and other resource constraint burdens on the individuals, families, health care providers and the nations while drastically reducing the burden of NCDs

Author(s): Suresh Vatsyayann

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