Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry

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Review Article - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Carcinogenesis from the viewpoint of the work of the morphofunctional zones and aging

In this work we summarized our own material on studying of the spatial organization of normal epithelial and stromal and also tumor tissue. It appeared that normal epithelium and stroma consist of morphofunctional zones, which include 2 subunits with 12 cambial cells in each. During the division of the first subunit 12 cambial cells, 12 pairs of mother and daughter cells occur. They excite the electric field in which the differentiation of the daughter cells takes place. When the quantity of the cambial cells decreases to 6in one subunit, the differentiation is absent, so it leads to the malignant tumor development. The number of cambial cells decreases with aging, and in people over 75 years old it reaches 7 cells in one subunit, that is very close to the limit level (6 cells) when the differentiation is absent. Therefore In this age group the risk of cancer development is very high. Along with this the decrease of cambial cells number with aging is caused by the function of central morphofunctional zone – hypothalamus.

Author(s): Yavisheva TM and Shcherbakov SD

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