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Research Article - Allied Journal of Medical Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 8

Burnout syndrome and physical activity in male nursing professionals of Primary Health Care in the state of Bahia, Brazil.

Introduction: Burnout Syndrome (BS) is a response to chronic stress at work, greatly affecting nursing professionals due to their work specificities. The physical activity can be strategic in reducing the effects and prevalence of BS. OBJECTIVE: Measure the association between physical activity and BS in male nursing professionals in Primary Health Care in the State of Bahia/Brazil.

Methods: Data from a cross-sectional study carried out in the state of Bahia/Brazil in the years 2017/2018, with 136 male nursing professionals in Primary Care were analyzed. A questionnaire with sociodemographic, work, lifestyle, human biology and the Maslach Burnout Inventory- Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS) was applied. The main exposure variable was physical activity, and the outcome was BS. Frequencies and Odds Ratio (OR) between exposures and outcome were obtained using Stata software, version 11.0.

Results: Out of the total, 85 practiced physical activity, the majority being young (73.24%), without a partner (68.18%) and without children (74.63%). Among the physically inactive, those who predominated were older (49.23%), had a partner (42.86%) and had children (49.28%). The overall prevalence of BS was 31.61%. The association between physical activity and BS in the adjusted model presented OR=4.22 and p=0.037. The association between BS and low physical activity practice in male nursing professionals was statistically significant.

Conclusions: In view of these findings, the practice of physical activity is highlighted as a possible alternative to prevent Burnout Syndrome in the male population, in addition to contributing to the quality of life and prevention of several other health problems.

Author(s): Gomes EVD*, Damasceno KSM, Coelho NMF, Vasconcelos RDS, Wachira VK, Gomes AMT, Sousa ARD, Portugal GA, Sampaio LMDA, Coelho JMF, Mercês MCD

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