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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2013) Volume 3, Issue 21

Breathe Biomarkers in health and disease

Pulmonary system is the joint for countless multifaceted metabolic and respiratory end products transforming the total exhaled breath into a complex and dynamic mixture of a spectrum ranging from simple elements like hydrogen to exceedingly complex organic metabolic end products together with oxidative stress in health and disease. Over last five decades the researches in the field of exhaled breathe have developed and innovatively applied poles apart technologies. These have provided insight with ample evidenced based substantiation that analysis of components of the exhaled breath has the potential to become a valuable device for non-invasive assessment. In the futuristic research models the search for these biomarkers will be the pathfinder in the diagnosis, interventions and prognosis of different communicable as well as non-communicable emerging and re-emerging diseases.

Author(s): Ranabir Pal, Anup Gurung, Sangay Doma Bhutia, Antara Sharma, Sanjay Dahal

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