Journal of Biotechnology and Phytochemistry

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Special Issue Article - Journal of Biotechnology and Phytochemistry (2021) Volume 5, Issue 4

Biochemistry 2021: Anthocyanin acts as scavenger for heavy metal ions, attack cancer cell and interacts with uric acid and urea to expel it through urine system and its effects on biopolymers- Jaleel Kareem Ahmed- University of Babylon, Iraq

Anthocyanin from red beet juice, cherry and red rose which is extracted mechanically is water soluble due to the many hydroxyl groups and glucose molecule which is carried on the anthocyanin (position 3 on it). This juice is slightly sweet due to the free sugar present. The juice is very slightly acidic due to its exchangeable proton (Transmembrane proton with radius=1.5

Author(s): Jaleel Kareem Ahmed

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