Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

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Research Article - Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Barriers of sports participation in higher education in the UAE.

Students in higher education are at a higher risk to miss participation in private or institutionorganized physical activities, and this can be reflected badly on their academic performance and future social and physical wellbeing. The current study aimed to identify the barriers hindering the sports participation among sports participants and non-participants in higher education in the UAE. The study demonstrated that both participants and non-participants are significantly affected by several barriers which are lack of facilities, frequent sickness, social and culture barriers, lack of interest, diseases and disabilities, lack of time, peer pressure, shortage of qualified trainers, and overload of study work and lack of transportation. This study provides important data to decision makers about the barriers that hinder sports participation and help them to find solutions in order to improve students? involvement in physical education and sports in the higher education level in the UAE. Author(s): Mohammed Abou Elmagd, Usha Tiwari, Abubakr H Mossa, Dhirendra Tiwari

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