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Short Communication - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2021) Volume 11, Issue 6

Auditory Rehabilitation Post-Cochlear Implant

Introduction: In the present work, a review is conducted on hearing loss, its origin, the consequences of the lack of a timely treatment, the possibilities and benefits provided by the access to a cochlear implant and the corresponding auditory rehabilitation.

Materials and Methods: The methods used in the present work were Ling Test, Vowel Recognition, Consonant Recognition, Two-syllable Word Test, and Open-set Sentence Recognition.

Results: By means of a descriptive study of a population that received a cochlear implant and after one year of use, we can observe high rates of auditory discrimination in all the variables presented and their levels of requirement and complexity, showing a close relationship between an appropriate and timely approach and a successful auditory rehabilitation.

Conclusion: In all of the cases in this sample, the cochlear implant led to an improved quality of life for both the patients and their family members, allowing children to develop the language and improve their performance in school activities, and adults to appropriately reintegrate into society.

Author(s): Jassie P

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