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Review Article - The International Tinnitus Journal (2019) Volume 23, Issue 1

Assistance Dogs for Persons with Hearing Impairment: A Review

The use of dogs to help people with disabilities has been known for a long time. Assistance dogs carry out a variety of practical tasks for disabled people with appropriate and targeted training, including assisting deaf persons or people with profound hearing loss. The benefits of assistance dogs for persons with hearing impairment (hearing dogs) include a) improved ability to carry out daily tasks through the codified reporting of sounds proper of everyday life and/or of dangerous situations and b) psychosocial aspects such as companionship and sense of protection. The benefits derived from the use of assistance dogs for persons with hearing impairment are less studied compared to those of assistance dogs employed for other disabilities. Moreover, the role of hearing dogs may appear rather controversial considering technological advances in the field of surgical or prosthetic rehabilitation for people with hearing impairment. This article aims to review features and training of hearing dogs, the effect of their employment and legislative aspects for their owners.

Author(s): Massimo Ralli,Salvatore Martellucci, Angela Musacchio,Antonio Greco, Andrea Gallo, Valeria Belvisi, Arianna di Stadio, Marco de Vincentiis, Giuseppe Attanasio

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