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Commentary - Allied Journal of Medical Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Assessment of drug discontinuation among adult patients who are taking antiretroviral treatment at Yeka Sub-City Woreda 9 and 10 health centers Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Background: Antiretroviral therapy has led to a substantial reduction in HIV-associated morbidity and mortality. Efficacy of antiretroviral treatment in HIV/AIDS is showing inhibition of viral replication and reduction of viral load to a point where viral particles are undetectable in the blood of infected individuals. This has led to the realization that HIV/AIDS is a chronic illness.

Objective: The main objective of this study was to assess drug discontinuation patients who are taking antiretroviral treatment at yeka sub-city woreda 9 and 10 Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was employed using quantitative approach to assess drug discontinuation among patients who are taking antiretroviral treatment among HIV/AIDS infected persons.

Result: At the end of one month study period 219 patients from the total 620 returned to the pharmacy to refill their medication were interviewed and the drug discontinuation to ARV medication was 27 (12.3)% of all prescribed doses.

Conclusion and Recommendation: Drug discontinuation to antiretroviral regimen is critical, patient must take 95 percent of the prescribed pills to achieve an 80% of the likelihood of HIV suppression below 50 copies per ml, regarding to the present study the drug discontinuation was 12.3%.

Author(s): Cheru Kore Sifir, Deribe Hailu, Yonas Bekana

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