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Mini Review - Journal of Cancer Clinical Research (2022) Volume 5, Issue 3

Antibody-drug impacts the therapeutic efficacy & antioxidant value analysis in brain tumor.

Oxidative push has been considered as one of numerous supporter in creating hazard of cancer. Oxidative push may too advance the expanding number of free radical. Malondialdehyde is one of radical oxidative marker, whereas Superoxide Dismutase (Grass) plays part as endogenous antioxidant. It has been hypothesized that in cancer cells there's an increment of oxidative stretch compared to normal cell. This study may be a case controlled expository think about to discover the relationship between levels of MDA and Grass in patients with brain tumors. The test gotten was 35 individuals who met the consideration and prohibition criteria. Based on this investigation, it'll be decided whether there's a noteworthy relationship between levels of MDA and Turf in each sort of brain tumors

Author(s): Benito Cameron*

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