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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2013) Volume 3, Issue 18

Antianxiety Effect of Alcoholic Leaf Extract of Plectranthus Amboinicus in Mice

This study was performed to investigate the anxiolytic effects of alcoholic extract of Plectranthus amboinicus (AEPA) in mice using the elevated plusmaze model (EPM), light dark model and hole board test. The extract administered orally in three different doses of 250mg/kg, 500mg/kg and 750mg/kg, were able to increase the time spent and the number of arm entries in the open arms of the elevated plus-maze, also increases the time spent by mice in the illuminated side of the light–dark test, dose of 500mg/kg and 750mg/kg showed more significant increase in nose poking and decrease locomotion in hole board test, in comparison with control animals. This effect was comparable to that of the diazepam (1.0mg/kg p.o.). These results indicate that AEPA is an effective anxiolytic agent.

Author(s): Archana CE

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