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Abstract - Neurophysiology Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Androgenic anabolic steroids abuse: reporting a case

Little is known about androgenic- anabolic steroid (AAS) use among young people involved in fitness activities in Albania. Most of them are not well informed about health consequences associated with they`re use. Case report: We report a case of a 37 years old man presented in emergency department with pschycomotor agitation which was associated with AAS use. The patient was found unconscious in a bar and was transported to emergency department. On arrival, the patient was still unconscious, he had psychomotor agitation and blood from his mouth. Heart rate was 97/minute, arterial pressure was 170/97 mmHg, O2 saturation 70%, blood glucose level was 82 mg/dl. The patient used to be drug intravenous user, but during last months he was on methadone substitution treatment. It was referred from his familiars that he had diabetes mellitus and C hepatitis and last month he used some supplements for muscle building. Immediately upon arrival, all blood analyses were taken. Blood arterial gas resulted in severe acidosis with pH 7.03 and elevated levels of some enzymes; the most elevated enzyme was CK(39600UI/l). Looking the patient`s clinical status, he was transferred to intensive care unit for further examinations and treatment. After several days, he came out of the hospital in good health conditions. Conclusion: Uncontrolled use of androgenic anabolic use can cause harmful effects. The abuse of these agents is of a great concern for public health in terms of their side effects, the number of hospitalization from their abuse or uncontrolled use and for their relationship with other substance use disorder.

Author(s): Esmeralda Thoma

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