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Review Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2019) Volume 9, Issue 66

Analysis of lossless compression techniques time-frequency-based in ECG signal compression.

Technological advances introduce different methods for telecardiology. Telecardiology includes many applications and is one of the long-standing medical fields that have grown very well. In telecardiology, a very high amount of ECG data is recorded. Therefore, to compress electrocardiogram data (ECG), there is a need for an efficient technique and lossless compression. The compression of ECG data reduces the storage needs for a more efficient cardiological system and for analyzing and diagnosing the condition of the heart. In this paper, ECG signal data compression techniques are analyzed using the MIT-BIH database and then compared with the Apnea-ECG and Challenge 2017 Training bases. During the study, some of the various techniques of frequency analysis, range and time are widely used, such as run-time coding, AZTEC, Spin-Coding, FFT, DCT, DST, SAPA/FAN and DCT-II, where DCT and SAPA/FAN have the best compression performance compared to other methods.

Author(s): Hamed Hakkak, Mahdi Azarnoosh

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