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Short Communication - Journal of Clinical Research and Pharmacy (2022) Volume 5, Issue 5

An expressive note on biomarkers to create pharmacotherapy improvement and mutation drug resistance

Cancer remains a significant challenge despite the progress in developing different therapeutic approaches. Nano medicine has been explored as a promising novel cancer therapy. Recently, biomimetic camouflage strategies have been investigated to change the bio-fate of therapeutics and target cancer cells while reducing the unwanted exposure on normal tissues. Endogenous components have been used to develop anticancer drug delivery systems. These biomimetic systems can overcome biological barriers and enhance tumour cell-specific uptake. The tumour-targeting mechanisms include ligand-receptor interactions and stimuli-responsive delivery. Drug delivery carriers composed of endogenous components represent a promising approach for improving cancer treatment efficacy. In this paper, different biomimetic drug delivery strategies for cancer treatment are reviewed with a focus on the discussion of their advantages and potential applications.

Author(s): Belanger Lucas*

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