Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014) Volume 4, Issue 36

Amorphophallus species as potential source of antimicrobial agent

Medicinal plants are the mirror image of wealthy India. Medicinal plants are the great source of various natural compounds that have important medicinal values and can be used for the well being of human welfare and for the safety of environment. Amorphophallus species related to the Arid Zone of India. Arid zone plants have specific antifungal, antibacterial and Anti- inflammatory activity because of the some specific bioactive compounds, that makes these plants adaptable to be growing in the desert environment. The present study was performed to screen the antimicrobial ability of Amorphophallus species against selected test microbes using its methanolic and petroleum ether extract. Petroleum ether extract and methanolic extract both shows appreciable antimicrobial activity against test microbes. Petroleum ether shows maximum activity against S. sonnei (10mg/disc, IZ=15, AI= 0.46) and K. pneumonia (10mg/disc, IZ= 14, AI= 0.35) and minimum activity against T. rubrum and negative against C. albicans. The result of methanolic extract activity was excellent. The activity was maximum against P. aeruginosa (5mg/disc, IZ= 20, AI= 1.42) and low against Klebsiella pneumonia.

Author(s): Menghani E, Saini P, Khokar A

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