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Rapid Communication - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2023) Volume 7, Issue 2

Advancements in Fetal Monitoring Technologies: Improving Outcomes in Obstetrics

Fetal monitoring is an essential component of obstetric care that helps to assess the health of the fetus during pregnancy and delivery. Technological advancements in fetal monitoring have improved the accuracy of fetal assessment, resulting in better outcomes in obstetrics. This paper provides an overview of the recent advancements in fetal monitoring technologies and their impact on obstetric care. The paper discusses the two main types of fetal monitoring: external monitoring and internal monitoring. External monitoring includes ultrasound, cardiotocography (CTG), and fetal echocardiography, while internal monitoring includes fetal scalp electrodes and intrauterine pressure catheters. The paper also discusses emerging technologies such as fetal electrocardiography (ECG), fetal pulse oximetry, and non-invasive fetal monitoring. These advancements have improved the accuracy of fetal assessment and have reduced the rates of fetal distress, cesarean sections, and neonatal morbidity and mortality. The paper concludes that fetal monitoring technologies have significantly contributed to improving outcomes in obstetrics and that further research and development are needed to continue improving fetal monitoring technologies

Author(s): Dignass Sturm*

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