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Abstract - Journal of Biotechnology and Phytochemistry (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

A Tale of Two Cases of Purtscher Retinopathy

Purtscher Retinopathy is a rare condition associated with  peripapillary infarctions secondary to  severe trauma or various conditions.It’s presentation is usually bilaterally symmetrical.We herein report two unusual cases that presented in Casualty following RTA .One was diagnosed with EDH while the other suffered trauma over abdominal and inguinal area.The noticeable aspect of these patients include unilateral painless loss of vision with V/A FC 1m R/E(Case 1) and 6/24 L/E(Case 2).DFP revealed cotton wool spots and purtscher fleckens around the optic nerve and fovea.The corresponding FFA revealed capillary dropouts and blocked fluorescence in the areas of retinal whitening.They were managed with systemic steroids and tear supplements.On follow up the cases gradually improved with the resulting BCVA 3/60(Case 1),6/9(Case 2).No known treatment exists for Purtscher Retinopathy. Medical or surgical therapy directed at the underlying condition may help to prevent further deterioration.

Author(s): Raisa Tandon

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