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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015) Volume 5, Issue 44

A study of the epidemiological pattern of pulmonary tuberculosis patients undergoing treatment at tuberculosis units of Lucknow

Introduction: Tuberculosis(TB) has always remained a public health challenge despite the availability of effective anti-TB drug therapy under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme(RNTCP) in India, for it still causes serious physical, mental suffering and high economic loss by affecting the productive sections of the population. Objectives: The study identifies the epidemiological pattern of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in patients undergoing treatment at Tuberculosis Units (TUs) of Lucknow. Material and methods: The cross sectional study was undertaken to study 400 pulmonary tuberculosis patients by employing a multi-stage sampling technique. Two rural TUs and two urban TUs were studied using Questionnaire method. Results: The study concluded the New cases being the highest category both in rural and urban areas accounting for 71% and 74.5% of all cases respectively. Proportion of Defaulters was more in urban area whereas Relapses was more in rural area. No association was noted with the types of patients with regard to their place of residence (p>0.05). 74.5% patients were sputum positive for acid-fast bacilli and the sputum positivity had a significant statistical association with age group of patients (p<0.04). In all age groups the presenting complaints were cough, fever and expectoration that followed the same descending order. About 77.6% patients had had duration of cough for >5 weeks and 75.7% of patients with expectoration had it for > 5 weeks when medical care was sought. An effort could not find out any statistical association between sputum-smear status and history of smoking or expectoration or haemoptysis. Conclusion: Pulmonary tuberculosis in Lucknow district has showed the usual epidemiological pattern of presentation and sputum positivity had a significant association with age group of the patients.

Author(s): Umesh chandra sahoo

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