Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2014) Volume 4, Issue 29

A Study of Orbital Morphometry in Indian Dry Skulls

Anthropometry refers to the measurements of the human individual to note the physical variation. The literature shows that there are significant differences in ocular and orbital morphometry among individuals of different age, sex and ethnicity. Sixty-four intact skulls i.e. 128 orbits were measured using digital Vernier caliper. Orbital height (OH), Orbital width (OW), Biorbital distance (BOD) and Interorbital distance (IOD) were measured and the orbital index was calculated. The mean orbital height in the present study was 32.31 ± 2.52 mm. The mean orbital width was observed as 39.46 ± 2.57 mm. hence the Orbital index was calculated as 81.88 mm,can be classified as microseme. The mean Biorbital distance was 95.65 ± 3.48 mm (range – 88.5 – 102.5 mm) and the mean Interorbital distance was19.49 ± 3.35 mm (range – 11.8 – 27.6 mm). Orbital morphometry is important to provide useful baseline data for ophthalmological, maxillary surgeries and reconstructive cosmetic surgeries of face. Detail knowledge of anatomy and its variations will help the surgeons to avoid surgical complications.

Author(s): Gosavi SN, Jadhav SD, Zambre BR

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