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- Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015) Volume 5, Issue 42

A study of iron and zinc deficiency on short term memory in children & effect of their supplementation

Background-: To identify the role of Iron & Zinc & their combined deficiency on Short term memory and to assess the response of supplementation therapy in the deficient children in the age group 6 – 11 years. Methods-: In this interventional study 101 children were included from age group of 6-11 years (subdivided into 6-8 yr and 9-11 yr groups) from two different government schools. After collection of demographic data, the study children underwent hemoglobin, Serum Iron, Serum Total Iron Binding Capacity and Serum Zinc estimation. Verbal, Non-Verbal memory & Concentration assessment was done in all the children. Iron (2mg/kg/day BD) and zinc (5mg OD) supplemented for a period of 3 months for children in the deficient group. Results-: All children with iron and zinc deficiency in both the age groups had memory & concentration deficits. Conclusion-: Iron and zinc deficiency is associated with memory deficits in children. There is a marked improvement in memory & concentration after supplementation.

Author(s): Jagveer Chaudhary, Rakesh Jora, Pramod Sharma, Ravinder Gehlot, Sushil

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