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Special Issue Article - Journal of Invasive and Non-Invasive Cardiology (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

A stitch in time saves nine in thoracic trauma รข?? Review of 66 cases

 Trauma demands the maximum number of lives globally. The situation becomes gloomier if we talk of developing countries that lack quality healthcare. Out of all types of trauma, thoracic trauma is the most dangerous and requires prompt intervention.

 A tube thoracostomy, even on both sides, is the recommended treatment. However delay in specific management like thoracotomy has always been condemned for the greater number of complications.

    We studied 66 patients who underwent surgical intervention for thoracic trauma during the year 2017. Majority of them were from age more than 20 – 50/66. All of them underwent thoracotomy by VATS or open techniques. Haemopneumotorax, with or without rib fracture, was the commonest presentation, 44/66, followed by diaphragmatic injury in 12. 2 had cardiac injuries. 56 were managed with VATS initially and in few of them incision had to be expanded while rest 10 were offered an open thoracotomy. 54 had very good outcomes.

We found that an early intervention with VATS significantly improved the outcome.


Trauma, VATS, Thoaracotomy

Author(s): Pervez Ghulam Shabbir

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