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Review Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2012) Volume 2, Issue 4

A safe and effective Suprahyoid Surgical approach for Lingual Thyroid

Lingual thyroid is an uncommon disorder which rarely need surgical intervention. Various techniques have been described with the majority requiring morbid procedures. We sought to describe a relatively novel technique for the surgical approach of this uncommon disorder with negligible morbidity and good functional results. The suprahyoid surgical approach for lingual thyroid was undertaken in a 27 year old lady with persistent dysphagia after thyroxine suppression therapy. The procedure was accomplished in 40 minutes with minimal blood loss and does not require morbid procedures like splitting of lip, mandible and tongue. Blood loss was minimal(25 ml). Patient was discharged on the 7th post operative day without any anatomical or functional complications. This novel suprahyoid surgical approach is simple, easily reproducible, without any morbidity ensuring complete removal of the lingual thyroid under direct vision during the entire procedure.

Author(s): Chandrasekaran Maharajan

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