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Review Article - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2020) Volume 10, Issue 70

A review: Chemical and biological activity of chalcones with their metal complex

Chalcone is a fragrant ketone that frames a focal center for an assortment of significant organic mixes, which are altogether known as chalcones. They have various exercises like antibacterial, antifungal, mitigating and against tumor and so on relying upon the replacement made on them. Chalcones are regular item has a place with Flavonoid family. Chalcones are 1, 3-diphenyl-2-propene-1-one, in which two fragrant rings are connected by a three carbon α, β-unsaturated carbonyl framework. Chalcones and their heterocyclic analogs appreciate a scope of organic exercises, for example, antimicrobial, cancer prevention agent, cytotoxic, anticancer, antiprotozoal, antihistaminic, antiulcer and calming exercises which makes these mixes as an extraordinary fascination for examination. Also the bielectrophilic, ketovinyl chain between the two rings is profoundly receptive and goes about as a significant synthetic synthon for building diverse five, six and seven part heterocyclic frameworks containing distinctive hetero molecules like nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur iotas by compressed version with an assortment of binucleophilic reagents.

Author(s): Thakor Shivani R*, Sharma Bhavesh R

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