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Short Communication - Immunology Case Reports (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

A Kingdom Far Away; Raising a daughter with mental illness in a systematically unsafe world


Kari Gusso shares her personal journey. Living with a child that struggles with mental illness is very hard and sometimes debilitating. Friends and family are not aware of what really goes on behind closed doors. Health care professionals and law enforcement need to stop treating the mentally ill as if they have committed a crime. Having an anxiety attack does not constitute a crime. There needs to be a higher standard of mental health education. This book is a raw account of living with mental illness. Kari bravely tells her brutally honest story of daily struggles parenting a child living with a mental illness???and the unrelenting battle to keep her daughter safe from untrained police, medical staff, and society at large. Mental illness has a biological component, like any other disease. I want to raise awareness that mental health is a national issue. Schools need to screen early and educate.


Author(s): Kari Gusso

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