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Review Article - Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research (2018) Volume 3, Issue 2

A dynamic splint for the treatment of spasticity of the hand after stroke? Recognition of its design, functionality and limitations: A narrative review article

Occurrence of spasticity of the hand after a stroke event is recognized as a major cause of functional limitations which reduces the quality of life in patients. Dynamic splints are among the alternative rehabilitation treatments for reducing spasticity of the hand. However, evidence supporting their effectiveness in restoring hand functionality, their long-term and short-term effects is limited. Moreover, standardized methods of designing dynamic splints are currently lacking. This review describes the methods used to design dynamic splints, their functionality and the current issues surrounding their application to post-stroke patients with spasticity of upper limbs. In so doing, we provide the foundational knowledge which may be tested in future clinical trials and in splint edifications to enhance the efficiency of splints to improve the quality of life in stroke patients. When properly designed to fit a patient, a dynamic splint can promote the functional recovery of a spastic hand. Further research is required to deepen our understanding on the clinical utility of dynamic splints in post-stroke patients to optimize their recovery outcomes

Author(s): Bianca C1, Machuki JO, Chen W, Zhang M, Shang K

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