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Research Article - Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research (2016) Volume 1, Issue 1

A Cross Sectional Observational Study to Assess the Sleep Quality and Patterns, Duration of Sleep Related Symptoms, and Action Taken by the Participants in Indian Corporate Offices for Insomnia

Sleep-related problems in workers/employees in the corporate sector is common and needs due attention as these individuals are more prone to insomnia. The psychological job related stress factors such as interpersonal conflicts with fellow employees, job satisfaction, and social support were independently associated with a modestly increased risk of insomnia. Furthermore, the indirect cost due to insomnia in the form of absenteeism and lower work productivity are ten times higher than the direct cost of insomnia therapies. Insomnia is generally associated with a host of negative consequences. The part analysis of this study showed that problems related to sleep significantly affect the quality of life in the form of estranged intimate relationships and impairs social functioning as well as leisure time activities. This study has helped to put an insight into the commonly reported sleep patterns among insomniac corporate office employees and a comparison with fellow participants without insomnia. Apart from reporting significant prevalence of undetected insomnia in day time Indian corporate employees, the study results highlight the fact that insomnia is majorly under reported to the primary physicians. Also, there is a significant decrease in the duration of sleep time and quality of sleep is poor in most of the insomniacs reporting "feeling of an unrefreshing sleep". There is an urgent need to impart knowledge about multidimensional treatment availability in insomniacs, which may help to improve their performance and overall quality of life. It is important to give appropriate attention to insomnia in corporate sector employees. In addition, primary care physicians should be encouraged to evaluate sleep as a norm in routine clinical practice.

Author(s): Yardi N, Peethambaran K

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