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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2014) Volume 4, Issue 4

A Case of Sinonasal Chondrosarcoma? Case Report

Introduction: Chondrosrcoma of sinonasal region is very rare. Chondrosarcoma make up 10-20% of primary bone tumor. Less than 10% constitute the head and neck region. Chondrosarcomas take origin from the embryonic rest of the cartilaginous matrix of the cranium or primitive mesenchymal cells. First choice of treatment is surgical excision. Radiotherapy also has role in treatment.

Case report: In our case 43 year old female presented with c/o proptosis of right eye, loss of vision since 1 month. All necessary blood investigation was done. CT scan PNS and MRI showed mass occupying the right nasal cavity along with dural involvement and encasement of right ICA by 180 deg. Endoscopically the tumor was excised. The vision improved postoperatively. Histopathology revealed low grade chondrosarcoma. Patient was treated with post op radiotherapy. Patient is under follow up.

Conclusion: Endoscopically nasal mass was removed. Patient showed improvement in vision postoperatively. This case report shows the feasibility of using endoscopic technique to aid the resection of selected sinonasal malignant tumors with orbit and skull base involvement with reasonable tumour clearance. The patient is being followed up regularly and 1 year post treatment there is no evidence of any residual or recurrent lesion.

Author(s): SankaraNarayanan Gopalakrishnan K.M Elango Swarna Saravanan

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