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Opinion Article - Immunology Case Reports (2022) Volume 5, Issue 4

A biographical history of medical immunology and allergy.

The most seasoned writing that referenced the resistance was connected with the plague of Athens in 430 BC. The microorganism hypothesis had more effect on the depiction of the separation among self and non-self which is the center idea of immunology. Unfavourably susceptible sicknesses were known from a long time back while Rhazes composed the main clinical monograph about occasional hypersensitive rhinitis. In Iran, Dr. Mohammad Kermanshah presented the essential ideas of serology in 1900. The principal Department of Serology was laid out at Tehran University, Faculty of Medicine in 1951 by Dr. Hassan Mirdamadi. From that point forward, immunology went into the cell and atomic period. Mohammad Ali Maleki laid out the primary Iranian Society of Allergy and afterward Abolhassan Farhoodi tracked down the principal Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at Tehran University. In this paper, we survey the job of renowned Iranian researchers and doctors in the advancement of present day immunology and sensitivity according to a verifiable point of view.

Author(s): Jafar Riyan*

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