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- Otolaryngology Online Journal (2013) Volume 3, Issue 1

? Old Foley?S In a New Bottle?- Use of Foley?S Catheter in Anterior Maxillary Wall Fractures

Management of comminuted zygomaticomaxillary fractures are is an entity that has always tested the skill of surgeons. A variety of methods have been coined over the years for management of these fractures. Packing the antrum with a gauze or balloon can be used in much comminuted fractures especially with anterior antral wall communication. Internal immobilization with a Foley’s balloon catheter is being used widely in Blow out fractures of orbit and rarely in tripod fractures. Despite a thorough search, not much literature could be found of its use in anterior maxillary wall fractures. The purpose of this article is to appraise this technique in anterior maxillary wall fractures.

Author(s): Vrinda B Nair Seethalakshmi Narashiman Srikamakshi Kothandaraman

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