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2017: Volume 1, Issue 2

Research Article P.42-49

Histopathological changes in diseased catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and treated by ciprofloxacin and clove extracts.

Author(s): Abd El-Salam SS, Ghaly MF, Baraka DM, Mahmoud SH, El-Makhzangy AA

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Review Paper P.50-51

Diseases in the course of which is a symptom of itching

Author(s): Maciej Kucharski

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2018: Volume 2, Issue 1

Research Article P.1-6

Quality assessment of Tilapia nilotica and Mugil cephalus fish from Egypt.

Author(s): Ibrahim Mohamed Aman, Yehia El-Sayed. Ali, Nader Yehia Moustafa, Ahmed Ahmed Hamza

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Research Article P.7-11

Morphological and molecular characterisation of common amphistome species from cattle of South India

Author(s): Shameem H, Devada K, Lakshmanan B, Joseph S, Sabu L, Usha AP

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Research Article P.12-15

Preliminary survey on influence of renal portal system during propofol anesthesia in yellow-bellied turtle (Trachemys scripta scripta).

Author(s): Marco Di Giuseppe *, Manuel Morici, Bernadette Nastasi , Filippo Spadola

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Commentary P.16-17

Most common causes of diarrhea in adult calves.

Author(s): Bulent Elitok

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Research Article P.18-21

Studies on immune response of ducks to avian influenza and duck plague vaccines.

Author(s): Khodeir MH, El-Tarabili MM, Ayat Salah El-Din Mohamed

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