Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science

Current Issue

2017: Volume 1, Issue 1

Case Report P.1-3

Usefulness of a nutraceutical diet to improve QOL and drugs use in a dog affected by a mast cell tumor: A case report.

Author(s): Alessandro Di Cerbo*, Paolo Guazzi, Sergio Canello, Gianandrea Guidetti


Research Article P.1-7

Effect of season and sampling location on acaricidal activity of Petiveria alliacea on larvae of Rhipicephalus microplus resistant to acaricides

Author(s): Giselly Arceo-Medina, *José Alberto Rosado-Aguilar, Roger Iván Rodríguez-Vivas, Martha Méndez-González, Rocío Borges-Argaez, Mirbella Cáceres-Farfán, María Tamayo-Díaz

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Research Article P.1-15

Individual approach to treatment and cobalt - a new look at an old problem.

Author(s): Natalia Kurhaluk*, Halyna Tkachenko, Piotr Kaminski, Fedir Muzyka

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Case Report P.1-2

The love and death relationship between lactoferrin and bacteria

Author(s): Luisa Samaniego-Barron, Christian Avalos-Gomez and Mireya de la Garza