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Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science

Veterinary Medicine is the branch of medical science concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in animals. Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (VMAS), publishes a wide range of scientific articles related to, veterinary anesthesiology, behavior, cardiology, dentistry, comparative medicine, epidemiology, ophthalmology, pharmacology, pathology, toxicology, oncology, neurology, clinical trials etc., of both wild and domesticated animals.  All the topics incidental to veterinary medicine are invited.

Aims and Scope

The main aim of the Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science is to publish the most advanced research and discoveries with current developments in the form of original research articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, commentaries, images, video articles, etc. in all areas of the Veterinary Medicine.

The Journal scope encompasses the knowledge in veterinary medicine research of the such as veterinary care, animal imports and exports, critical care, veterinary anesthesiology, surgery and radiology, clinical care, diagnostics, genetic monitoring, health surveillance etc.

The Journal is using Editorial Manager System for online manuscript submission, review and tracking. Editorial board members and experts in specialized subjects/aspects review the manuscripts which will enhance the quality of the research content.

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Research Article June 15, 2017


J Vet Med Allied Sci: 1(1): 1-4

Effectiveness of a formulated product (Gold Lotion) in improving the quality of life (QoL) of oncological cats: preliminary results.

Paolo Guazzi, Michiko Suzawa, Alessandro Di Cerbo*

Case Report June 15, 2017


J Vet Med Allied Sci: 1(1): 1-2

The love and death relationship between lactoferrin and bacteria

Luisa Samaniego-Barron, Christian Avalos-Gomez and Mireya de la Garza

Research Article April 24, 2017


J Vet Med Allied Sci: 1(1): 1-5

Using Monte Carlo simulation to evaluate the efficacy of six antimicrobials against Mycoplasma gallisepticum.

Fang Yang*, Baobao Liu, Peng Yang

Research Article April 24, 2017


J Vet Med Allied Sci: 1(1): 1-7

Effect of season and sampling location on acaricidal activity of Petiveria alliacea on larvae of Rhipicephalus microplus resistant to acaricides

Giselly Arceo-Medina, *José Alberto Rosado-Aguilar, Roger Iván Rodríguez-Vivas, Martha Méndez-González, Rocío Borges-Argaez, Mirbella Cáceres-Farfán, María Tamayo-Díaz

Research Article April 24, 2017


J Vet Med Allied Sci: 1(1): 1-15

Individual approach to treatment and cobalt - a new look at an old problem.

Natalia Kurhaluk*, Halyna Tkachenko, Piotr Kaminski, Fedir Muzyka