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Journal of Trauma and Critical  Care

Trauma and critical care is an important aspect of medical treatment. Immense care, attention, accurate decision making skills is required in such conditions. Journal of Trauma and Critical Care would like to serve the research and academic community dealing with critical medical issues involving trauma, critical care and emergency medicine.This is a peer reviewed open access journal dedicated to disseminate valuable scientific information in relation to the above mentioned subject category. Articles from the elite academic community contributing novel information are welcome in the form of a research, review articles, case reports, short communication, Editorial etc.

Aims and Scope

The journal scope encompasses several important topics including but not limited to injuries, Acute pain management, emergency in Neurological, Acute cardiology, respiratory failure, Critical care, Injury prevention and wound healing, Surgical emergency, Acute infection, Toxicology, Hematology/oncology, critical response therapy, Emergency medicine, Resuscitation, Pediatric emergency, dealing with critical patients, Patient safety, different types of Wounds, technologies involved in treatment and patient care at critical stage etc.

For the benefit of tracking manuscript in an organized way and fast peer review process the journal is using Editorial Manager System. All the articles received will be subjected for peer review process under the Editor-in-Chief or Editorial board member. Opinion of two independent reviewers is mandatory before taking any decision on any article towards publication. However, at any situation, decision of Editor-in-Chief will be final. Authors may submit their manuscripts through the provided manuscript submission link or through E-mail. Only electronic submission will be considered for further process.

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Just Published Articles

Research Article February 07, 2018


J Trauma Crit Care: 2(1): 12-15

The effect of limb elevation on bleeding control in a human venous hemorrhage model.

Du Pont D*, Griesser C , Shofer F , Dickinson E

Research Article January 10, 2018


J Trauma Crit Care: 2(1): 7-11

A national survey of thromboprophylaxis strategies in high risk trauma patients

R Mason Curtis*, Kelly Vogt, W Robert Leeper, Amol Mujoomdar, Stewart Kribs4, Neil Parry, Ian Ball

Review Article January 10, 2018


J Trauma Crit Care: 2(1): 4-6

Advancing independent emergency nursing prescribing in Saudi Arabia

Zakaria Ahmed Mani*

Case Report January 10, 2018


J Trauma Crit Care: 2(1): 1-3

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) as initial therapy for blunt thoracic trauma with associated intracranial hemorrhage: A case report and review of the literature

Mark Bonnell, Nicholas Stephen Cairl*, David H Heidt