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Timely Topics in Clinical Immunology

Timely Topics in Clinical Immunology is an international scholarly peer-reviewed journal that publishes latest developments relating to novel approaches in all aspects of Clinical Immunology from and for medical practitioners and academic professionals.

The aim of the journal is to publish scientific manuscripts that directly or indirectly contribute to the betterment of healthcare practices. The journal focuses on the study of the immune system in all organisms including pathophysiology and physiology in health, genetic discovery, immune modulation and dysfunction, immunodeficiencies and related disorders.

It aims to explore applications in diagnosis, pathogenesis, prognosis, or treatment of diseases focusing on the Clinical Environment, Primary Immunodeficiency, Immunotherapeutics, Immunohematology, Immunotoxicology, Diagnostic Immunology, Infection and Immunity, Mucosal Immunity, Neuroimmunology, Evolutionary Immunology, Immunogenetics and Epigenetics, technologies, models and bioinformatics along with Transplantation, Tumor Immunology and Vaccines.

The journal also publishes articles on basic, translational, and clinical studies including relevant animal models and case reports of general significance.

The journal accepts manuscripts in the form of research articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, letters to editor and commentaries. All submissions are to be made online through the journal’s editorial manager system. All the submitted articles undergo a strict peer review process. The acceptance/rejection/revision of the articles is based on the comments provided by the subject matter experts/reviewers.

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Review Paper March 19, 2018


Timely Top Clin Vaccines Res: 2(1): 3-5

Preclinical developmental toxicity testing and advanced in-vitro stem cell based systems

Sidra Shafique

Editorial February 01, 2018


Timely Top Clin Vaccines Res: 2(1): 1-1

The importance of reliability in clinical research

David Trafimow

Editorial January 31, 2018


Timely Top Clin Vaccines Res: 2(1): 2-2

Rabies virus snake-toxin like glycoprotein creates changes in host behavior.

W. Jean Dodds