Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning

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Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning

Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning is an interdisciplinary open access, peer reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes findings and developments from public health research. Planning and formulation of guidelines for public health practice as well as developing appropriate public health policies is crucial in obtaining health security for individuals and society as a whole. The journal strives to contribute to the global health policy planning and implementation.

Aims and Scope

The scope of the journal encompasses various aspects of diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, applied epidemiology, disease prevention, prevention and control of pathogenic infectious diseases and evaluation of health outcomes.

The journal intends worldwide dissemination of original manuscripts that highlight the effectiveness and discrepancies of health services, proper management of health service programs, health protection, and promotion of healthy practices, public health law and ethics. Articles that accentuate the widespread application of primary health care services and analysis of evidence based healthcare programs are highly solicited.

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Just Published Articles

Editorial March 15, 2018


J Public Health Policy Plann: 2(1): 1-71

STEM researchers are needed to advance multi-level interventions for health disparities.

Matthew BA McCullough*, Katelyn Williams

Editorial March 05, 2018


J Public Health Policy Plann: 2(1): 1-2

Hand washing: New or old findings?

Kathy Sexton-Radek

Research Article February 15, 2018


J Public Health Policy Plann: 2(1): 65-69

Health development policy in Kupang district, east Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, 2017-2022.

Frans Salesman

Editorial February 06, 2018


J Public Health Policy Plann: 2(1): 61-63

Child abuse-knowledge, attention and diffusion in the university hospital “Saint George”, Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

Pavel Timonov*, Ivan Tsranchev, Kristina Hadzhieva, Plamena Dineva

Research Article December 20, 2017


J Public Health Policy Plann: 2(1): 56-60

Substance use and mental health: preliminary surveillance findings from an American Indian population.

Allyson Kelley*, Michael Andreini