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Journal of Translational Research

Volume 1, Issue 1
Hypothesis on the swiss-roll method of investigating cancer necrosis during metastasis in the human thoracic duct.
Author(s): Wilson IB Onuigbo
High-resolution simulations of human brain cancer translational nano drugs delivery treatment process under synchrotron radiation.
Author(s): Alireza Heidari
The newest medicine: Chimeric antigen receptor T-Cell immunotherapy (CAR-T)
Author(s): Daohong Chen
Translation of middle out rational approach (MORA) in an understanding of the therapeutic outcome of cancer: Experience from India.
Author(s): Durjoy Majumder*, Dibyendu Kumar Ray, Ishita Chatterjee, Probir Kumar Dhar
Regulation of cell metabolism by cell cycle machinery
Author(s): Xavier Escoté