Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Current Issue

2017: Volume 1, Issue 2

Review Article P.23-36

A brief overview of flexible CNT/PANI super capacitors.

Author(s): Hana D Dawouda, Talal M Altahtamounia, Moustafa M Zaghoa, Nasr Bensalahb*

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Research Article P.41-45

An experimental characterization of physical properties of timber woods.

Author(s): Annu Rani*, Jayant Singh, TP Singh

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Research Article P.15-22

The effect of 0.5 wt% additions of carbon nanotubes & ceramic nanoparticles on tensile properties of epoxy-matrix composites: a comparative study.

Author(s): Lokman Gemi, Şakir Yazman, Muhammet Uludağ, Derya Dispinar, Murat Tiryakioğlu

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Editorial P.13-14

Anisotropy of some FCC transition metals

Author(s): Fae`q AA Radwan

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