Journal of Cancer Immunology & Therapy

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2019: Volume 2, Issue 1

Case Report P.1-3

Nocardiosis in cancer patients

Author(s): Parijat N Goswami, Harsha Panchal, Sonia Parikh, Hitesh Rajpara, Hemang Purohit

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Research Article P.4-6

A phase-2 study of high-dose pineal antitumor hormone Melatonin as an adjuvant therapy in triple negative breast cancer.

Author(s): Paolo Lissoni*, Franco Rovelli, Giusy Messina, Vezika Cenaj, Giorgio Porro, Giuseppe Di Fede

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Research Article P.19-30

Biomineralogy of lung tumors.

Author(s): Maciej Pawlikowski*

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Short Communication P.31-34

Sweat gland or hair follicle? - Eccrine spiradenoma.

Author(s): Anubha Bajaj*

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Review Article P.35-41

Irreversible electroporation of renal tumours: A review and an update.

Author(s): Anthony Kodzo-Grey Venyo*

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