Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology

Current Issue

2017: Volume 1, Issue 1

Research Article P.1-6

Patients experience of viewing time-lapse sequences: A prospective survey study

Author(s): Annika Bladh Blomquis, Raghad Samir, Ann-Britt Engström, Staffan Nilsson, Anna-Karin Lind, Göran Westlander, Sophie Larsson, Thorir Hardarson, Julius Hreinsson

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Research Article P.7-15

Exercise during pregnancy activates cardio-protective genes without a further increase in pregnancy-induced cardiac hypertrophy.

Author(s): Eunhee Chung, Kalli D Looten, Taylor Lunsford, Tracer Skelton, Katherine A Grue

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Research Article P.16-20

Earlier Detection of Pregnancy with Serum Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Shows Excellent Prognostic Value in Gestation 4 Weeks after In Vitro Fertilization

Author(s): Akiko Kawasaki, Hajime Okamoto, Naoki Kita, Yoko Ainoya, Atsushi Wada, Yukiko Wagatsuma, Toyomi Sato

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Research Article P.21-23

Double-balloon tamponade used to control postpartum hemorrhage due to placenta previa and/or placenta accreta

Author(s): Ya Duan, Jian Zhao, Shan Kang, Shu-Ping Fan, Min Li, Xin-Ling Wang and Zeng-Jun Tang

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Research Article P.31-34

Bioengineered human endometrium in vitro- A novel model for implantation research

Author(s): Patki Satish M, Patki Shweta S, Patil Rajendra

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Research Article P.35-41

Day 4 embryos should not be underestimated in IVF.

Author(s): Noora Kaartinen, Kirsi Kananen, Candido Tomás, Helena Tinkanen

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