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2017: Volume 21, Issue 1
12th Tinnitus Seminar and 1st World Tinnitus Congress
Author(s): Carlos A Oliveira
2016: Volume 1, Issue 1
Pocket-Size Ultrasound: Stethoscope of 21st Century
Author(s): Hiroko Naganuma, Hideaki Ishida
Research Article
A seed yield estimation modelling using classification and regression trees (CART) in the biofuel supply chain
Author(s): Srinivasan SP
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2016: Volume 27, Issue 3
The modelling of time-series and the evaluation of forecasts for the future: the case of the number of persons per physician in turkey between 1928 and 2010.
Author(s): Mustafa Agah Tekindal, Özlem Güllü, Ay?e Canan Yaz?c?, Yasemin Yavuz
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2006: Volume 17, Issue 2
The role of Methyl Glyoxal in relation to patho-physiological complications in diabetes mellitus
Author(s): Mukhopadhyay S. Gachhui R., Kar M.
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2014: Volume 4, Issue 39
Effect of Olive Leaf Components on the Expansion of Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells
Author(s): Samet I, Villareal MO, Han J, Sayadi S, Isoda H
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2007: Volume 8, Issue 3
Mid-18th Century Economic Changes: The Rise of Adam Smith and the Decline of the Mercantilists and Physiocrats
Author(s): Timothy D. Warlow, Sarah T. Pitts, Rob H. Kamery
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2017: Journal of Advanced Surgical Research 2017;1(3)
Research Article
Acute Thromboembolism in Spleen Due to Clot in Left Atrial Appendages in Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis
Author(s): Jayesh V Trivedi MD
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2014: Volume 4, Issue 3
Chondroid Chordoma of the Sphenoid Sinus- a rare tumour
Author(s): Prabodh Karnik Nalini Bhat Bhavik Shah
2017: Volume 2, Issue 1
Case Report
The importance of early diagnosis of subdural arteriovenous fistula for clinical recovery.
Author(s): Rain S, Udding J, Broere D
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2016: Volume 19, Issue 3
2017: Volume 1, Issue 2
Case Report
Ketamine infusion induces urinary retention in a patient successfully treated by sacral neuromodulation.
Author(s): Hervé F, Devulder J, Wyndaele M, Everaert K
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2016: Volume 20, Issue 1
Severe Malaria due to Plasmodium vivax: Case Report.
Author(s): Purva Gupta, Rajni Sharma, Jagdish Chandra and Vineeta Singh
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