Biomedical Research

Articles in Press

2019: Volume 30, Issue 3

Research Paper P.380-385

Effects of intervertebral disc degeneration on segmental rotation and intradisc pressure of c4-c6 cervical spine using finite element analysis

Author(s): Varshini Karthik, Ashokkumar Devaraj, Arun Kuriakose


Research Article P.386-394

Factors affecting the obesity of the South Korean breast cancer patients as determined using propensity score matching

Author(s): Jeong Won Han, Hee Yeong Woo


Research Article P.395-400

Effects of brown rice powdered drink on glucose control and lipid profile of type 2 diabetes patients.

Author(s): Husna Mansor, Lili Husniati Yaacob, Azidah Abdul Kadir, Wan Mohd Zahiruddin Wan Mohammad


Research Article P.401-405

Prevalence of toxoplasmosis as coinfection in Iraqi patients infected with tuberculosis.

Author(s): Ekhlass N. Ali, Shatha Zuheir Majeed, Ashwaq A. Kadhem, Alia Essam Mahmood Alubadi


Research Article P.406-409

Efficacy of citric acid on periodontal disease.

Author(s): Ehan Abdulhadi Al-Sharifi, Noor Alkaisy, Asia Abed Al-Mahmood.


Research Article P.410-412

Study of dental specialists’ awareness of additive manufacturing in dental practice.

Author(s): Dobromira Shopova, Anna Mihaylova, Penka Petleshkova, Desislava Bakova