Biomedical Research

- Biomedical Research (2015) Volume 26, Issue 1

Rapid Determination of Rutin Content in Chinese Patent Medicine Qi Ming Granules by RP-HPLC.

The aim of this study was to be the first to establish a method for determination of rutin content in Qi Ming Granules, providing a scientific basis for the development of its quality standards. Measurement was done directly by RP-HPLC using Agilent TC-C18 chromatographic column with a mobile phase of methanol-water-phosphoric acid (48.5:51.5:0.25, pH3.5), flow rate of 1.0 mL/min, and detection wavelength of 360 nm, ruggedness test was performed. The injection amount of rutin had a good linear relationship with the peak area within the range of 0.0300-1.498 μg, recovery rate was 99.8%, RSD = 1.23% (n = 6). Rutin contents in 10 different batch numbers of Qi Ming Granules were measured to be between 21.09-29.01 mg/g. The method established had the advantages of simplicity, rapidness and high precision, and was used for the first time as a quality inspection method for Qi Ming Granule.

Author(s): Ning Han, Li Yu, Dasheng Zhu, Yazhen Wu

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