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Short Communication - Virology Research Journal (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Natural bacteriophages T4 and M13 down-regulates Hsp90 gene expression in human prostate cancer cells (PC-3) representing a potential nanoparticle against cancer

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most diagnosed cancer in male in the western world. In about 90% of the cases, it is potentially curable if detected early and treated. But, in the advanced metastatic stage, PCa treatment options are limited and exhibit a poor prognosis. Even though, nanotechnological approaches for cancer cell detection, targeting, and killing have increased; the challenge for developing effective and safe nano-material as nanoparticle still remains. Here we would like to shed light on “Bacteriophage” the naturally available nanoparticle, which have been effectively utilized for its anti- microbial applications for different pathogens and in other fields of biomedicine.

Author(s): Swapnil Ganesh Sanmukh, Sergio Alexandre Alcantara Dos Santos, Sergio Luis Felisbino

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