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Case Report - Anesthesiology and Clinical Science Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Local analgesia after arthroplasties first use of absorbable compress report

Background: Joint Replacement Surgery is subject to budget constraints, including shortened length of stay Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC). Local analgesia facilitates rapid postoperative recovery. Local soft tissue infiltration with Naropein® is recommended after joint replacement. Methodology: Soft tissue infiltration around the operative site is limited by low efficiency due to rapid resorption. A haemostatic compress was imbibed with Naropein® and deposited near the operative site. The objective was to allow the gradual diffusion of the molecule until disapproval of this compress, about 3 days. The use of cellulose pad soaked with Naropein® may be an improvement over the simple local infiltration. No wound drainage was performed. Result: The short prospective series aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of postoperative anesthesia and the safety of the cellulose pad. This has been demonstrated along this preliminary study. Conclusions: A short preliminary series suggests that infiltration of Naropein® into soft tissues may be replaced by the deposition of a Naropeine-soaked cellulose pad.

Author(s): Dominique Persoons

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