Biomedical Research

Research Article - Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 0, Issue 0

Limitations of self-care behaviour in heart failure patients-a qualitative research with approach Orems theory

The purpose of this research was to defining the limitations of self-care behaviours in heart failure patients. The participants of the study were 24 patients with heart failure and 3 members of their family using purposive sampling. Using content analysis, 99 basic codes, 13 categories and 4 themes were obtained including economical-sociocultural limitations, medical regimes and disease limitations, individual and family limitations and environmental limitations. In the first steps of heart failure, knowledge limitation, judgment and decision cause the most self-care limitations, and in the advance steps of the disease, physical and psychological limitations lead to the self-care limitations of the patients. In the current study, self-care limitations in the patients with heart failure were economical sociocultural limitations, disease and medical regimes limitations, individual and family limitations and environmental limitations. The limitations of self-care behaviour provide a framework to test the patients for learning and changing the self-care behaviour. There are evidences of self-care behaviour that help the nurses to determine the required range and type of nursing care for patients.

Author(s): Ghasem AD, Robabe M, Zohre V, Anoushirvan K, Nasim N

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