Biomedical Research

Research Article - Biomedical Research (2018) Volume 29, Issue 2

Application of case-based learning in instructing clinical skills on nursing undergraduates

To investigate the efficiency of case-based learning in the course of practical skills on nursing undergraduate students. A total of 147 nursing undergraduate interns from Class 2016 of our college were recruited and were assigned into experimental (N=74) and control groups (N=73) by random number table. Experimental group received case-based learning whilst control group were instructed by classical method. Total score and all dimension scores were significantly higher in experimental group than control group (p<0.05). A critical thinking scale showed higher scores in experimental group at all dimensions comparing to control group (p<0.01). Application of case-based learning in clinical practicing instruction has satisfactory effects on nursing undergraduates, as it can improve both practical skills and critical thinking potency of students.

Author(s): Mengying Qi, Qifeng Yi, Mengyan Mo, Hui Huang, Yan Yang

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