Biomedical Research

Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 2

Apical transportation of nickel-titanium rotary Mtwo and RaCe instruments compared with conventional stainless steel hand instruments

Introduction: Apical transportation is an important iatrogenic damage in endodontics. This study evaluates the transportation caused by two nickel-titanium (NiTi) rotary instruments compared with a stainless steel hand instrument.

Materials and Methods: This in vitro experimental study was performed on 51 simulated canals with a 40° curvature angle, fabricated within transparent and hard polyester resin. The groups consisted of KFile stainless steel hand-instrument (n=15), RaCe NiTi rotary file (n=18), and Mtwo NiTi rotary file (n=18). Canals were instrumented according to the protocols recommended by manufacturers. Extents of apical transportation were measured on digital scanned and standardized images. Data were compared by ANOVA.

Results: The groups had a significant difference (P<0.001). Tukey test showed that the difference between the rotary instruments was insignificant, while the difference between each of them and K-file was significant (P <0.05).

Conclusion: Apical transportation caused by the stainless steel hand instruments is much greater than that of nickel titanium rotary instruments RaCe and Mtwo. Both rotary systems act alike.

Author(s): Gholamreza Rezvani, Orkideh Radmehr, Kourosh Shahverdiani

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