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Special Issue: Physical Therapy Support During Covid-19 Epidemic


Special Issue: Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy Support During Covid-19 Epidemic is pleased to announce Special issue on “Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine”. Physical Therapy might get 2019-nCoV infection through close contact with virus-infected patients or virus carriers. In the case of Pediatric infection, the disease might have insidious onset and be non-specific.

The diagnosis of 2019-nCoV neonatal infection should meet all the following requirements: Showing at least one of the clinical symptoms, including temperature instability, exposure to a COVID-19 positive adult.

Severe COVID-19 disease is characterized by three phases: the first being the viral phase; the second being the cytokine storm; and the third encompassing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), impaired cardiac function and death. Being at high risk of 2019-nCoV infection because the patient's family members or caregivers have been diagnosed with 2019-nCoV infection, had close contact with someone with probable or confirmed 2019-nCoV, had close contact with someone with pneumonia of unknown cause, are living in or travelling to epidemic areas, or have been in animal markets or close contact with wild animals, within 14 days before the onset of illness.

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