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Special Issue: Immune Response Against COVID-19

Looking forward to the researches going on, on the current pandemic situation and the Novel Corona Virus Journal of Immunology Case Reports is going to release special issue on the topic:"Immune Response Against COVID-19". In this issue article can include both original unpublished research aricles and review articles realted to the specific theme. The aim is to provide platform to the researchers, scholars and doctors to share the ongoing work on nCoV-19.

The Special Issue- Immune Response Against COVID-19 is emphasized to publish the studies related to the immune system response mechanism on exposure od host to Corona Virus, health issues to the patient due to COVID-19, immune boosters that are beneficial to prevent Corona Virus, immunological diagnosis, clinical trials, immunotherapy and vaccine development to prevent Corona Virus.

Journal of Immunology Case Reports honoured to inviye the researchers, doctors and PhD scholars to submit their valuable research work, review article or case report on the neoteric topic and contibute in the journal. Special issue articles should be related to the theme. The journal team will promulgate your work globally through the journal web portal as well as social media accounts.

The manuscripts can be submitted via Online Manuscript Submission system or through email Manuscripts will be published in the special issue only after getting approval from the peer-review committee as well as from the editor. Special issue is intended to be released with limited number of articles. Therefore the first submissions will be considered. The last date for manuscript submission in the special issue is June 20, 2020. 

Submission should be accompained by a cover letter with reference to the concerned special issue theme. Please visit Author Guidelines page to know more about article formatting and guidelines.

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